Around Madtown

photos of madison wisconsin - around Madtown street photography by Cameron Gillie
Around Madtown is a personal project of photos of Madison, Wisconsin by Cameron Gillie.

Around Madtown has been a year-long project of “found object” photos of Madison, Wisconsin.  The trips started mostly as a way to get some exercise with weekly bike rides to State Street. On State Street I’d have coffee, take a walk and snap a few cell phone photos  just for the fun of it. I started an Instagram account to post images from my walks. Over time it evolved into an interesting photographic challenge. My goal became to go to the same place once a week and discover something new to photograph each time. The cell phone gave way to a higher quality rangefinder digital camera and I got more serious about the photos. I wouldn’t allow myself to come home until I had at least one image good enough to post to my Instagram. Some days were a challenge, others yielded unique photos.

I found myself gravitating towards interesting patterns and playing with light and shadow. Having been a newspaper photographer and wedding photographer for two decades, I intentionally avoided photographing people as I would have as a photojournalist. It was just “photography for the sake of photography.” In fact, I went early in the morning to avoid traffic and people. With fewer distractions I could allow my mind to wander and look for more abstract ways of photographing State Street and the surrounding area.

Around Madtown Gallery

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