Nature Photography

nature photography by Cameron Gillie.
Rowe sanctuary Nebraska sandhill crane migration

Nature Photography Gallery

Growing up on a farm in Northern Minnesota, I was always close to nature. Our back yard was a wooded river. The woods was my playground and our nearest neighbor was a mile away so it was natural for me to grow up as someone who loved the environment and loved nature photography.

I chose photography as my career path, mostly to travel and experience as much of the world as I could. Becoming a newspaper photographer allowed me to explore the Rocky Mountains while I worked at the Greeley Tribune in Colorado. When working at the Naples Daily News in Florida, I fell in love with the Florida Everglades.

Florida Nature Photography

When I left the newspaper business I kept photographing nature and started an art show career with my nature photography. I return to Florida as often as I can  to photograph the amazing Florida Everglades.

I was chosen by Everglades National Park to be an artist in residence. As part of the month-long residency I canoed the Wilderness Waterway. I spent eleven days in a canoe traveling the entire distance of the canoe trail through the Everglades. It was a fantastic 11-day trip traversing the entire western coastline of Everglades National Park, totally immersed in nature for 80 miles.

Florida is and always will be in my blood and I am always looking for ways to return to the Everglades.

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