New Orleans Pinhole Photography

pinhole photo of a bike in new orleans

The history and charm of New Orleans makes for awesome photography. So when I saw a cheap airfare I jumped at the chance to go back to the city I used to do a lot of wedding photography in. So I returned in December to photograph the city again. This time with a my pinhole cameras. The weather was awful, which I guess why plane tickets are cheap that time of year, but I did my best. It just means I have to go back again one of these days to try again!

It was raining and in the 40’s almost the entire time I was in New Orleans and it was dark. This made for long exposures standing in the rain getting chilled to the bone. It was worth it though. It’s an amazing place to photograph.

pinhole photograph of jackson square in new Orleans.
Jackson Square pinhole in the heart of New Orleans.

If it’s raining, use the rain to your advantage as much as you can. The wet streets gave it a nice element.

a pinhole photo of the saint louis cathedral in new orleans
A pinhole photograph of St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square in New Orleans.
Pinhole of the Metairie Cemetery in new orleans
I think the best pinhole photograph of the trip was from the Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans.

I think the best photo was from the Metairie Cemetery. These above ground tombs are just perfect for pinholes. I hear people describe my pinhole photography as “creepy” quite a bit. I’m sure I’ll hear that about this one!

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