Ice Age Trail Alliance Photographer

Pinhole photography from the Gibraltar Rock trail near Lodi, Wisconsin.

Ice Age Trail Photographer

I’m honored to be chosen to be the Ice Age Trail Alliance contract photographer for 2017! I’ve been meaning to get out and photograph the trail here in Wisconsin since moving here. I’ve done some day trips near Madison on the trail, but never really explored in depth. Now I have an excuse. So watch for more photography from the trail this year.

What is the Ice Age Trail a lot of people might be asking? It’s a national Scenic Trail like the Appalachian Trail that traces 1000 miles of the terminal moraine through Wisconsin left after the last Ice Age. Terminal Moraine is the geology deposited at the point of furthest advance of a glacier or ice sheet. So think hilly scenic areas!

Primarily what I’ll be photographing for the Ice Age Trail Alliance is people enjoying the trail as well as trail building and maintenance. More photojournalistic photography, but I also plan on doing a lot of scenic photos with my pinhole and digital cameras as well!

I’m looking forward to getting to know the trail much better!

pinhole photo of the devil's doorway rock formation in Devil's lake State Park
As the Ice Age Trail Alliance Photographer I’ll be photographing place like Devil’s Lake State Park. The Ice Age Trail passes though Devil’s Lake.

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