Pinhole Photography by Cameron Gillie

An image taken by pinhole photographer Cameron Gillie with a pinhole camera.
Pinhole photographer Cameron Gillie’s image of the Wisconsin State Capitol.

  Pinhole Photographer Cameron Gillie

Cameron Gillie is a fine art pinhole photographer who came to pinhole photography through a diverse twenty-five year photography career. He started with photojournalism at daily newspapers and that led to a freelance career. As a freelancer Cameron has done everything from wildlife photography to weddings.   

His diverse talents and experimental spirit eventually lead him to becoming a pinhole photographer. Today this pinhole photography has been exhibited in galleries around Wisconsin and in some of  the best art festivals in the country.  You can meet Cameron at art fairs around Wisconsin and the Midwest showing his pinhole photographs and a variety of other work.

Pinhole photograph of trees by pinhole photographer Cameron Gillie

Fine Art Nature Photography

Nature photo taken in the Florida Everglades by Wisconsin Fine art photographer Cameron Gillie

As a staff photographer at the Naples Daily News for six years, Cameron’s favorite subject matter was  the Florida Everglades. After leaving the paper to freelance, he built upon that love of the Everglades and began participating in art art fairs with fine art nature photography. Cameron continued to photograph the the Florida Everglades with a documentary approach to fine art nature photography.