Cameron Gillie Photography

Wisconsin Fine Art photograph taken by Cameron Gillie with a pinhole camera.
Pinhole photograph of the Wisconsin State Capitol

 Wisconsin Fine Art Photographer
Pinhole Photographer
Nature Photographer
Photography Workshops

Cameron Gillie is a Wisconsin fine art photographer who also leads photography workshops. You can meet him at art fairs around Wisconsin and the Midwest.

Nature photo taken in the Florida Everglades by Wisconsin Fine art photographer Cameron Gillie

Fine Art Nature Photography

As a staff photographer at the Naples Daily News for six years, my favorite subject matter was  the Florida Everglades. After leaving the paper to freelance, I built upon that love of the Everglades and began participating in art art fairs with fine art nature photography. I continued to photograph the place I loved, the Florida Everglades, with a documentary approach to nature photography.

Pinhole photograph taken by Wisconsin fine art photographer Cameron Gillie.

Fine Art Pinhole Photography

To continue to push myself creatively, I decided to become a pinhole photographer. While nature photography is still my first love, I am always searching for new, creative ways to photograph the world we live in. I worked on my pinhole photography to raise it to a fine art level and  have been accepted to some of the top art fairs in the country using exclusively pinhole images. Always exploring, my latest project is light painting vintage still life subjects. I am excited to see where this new creative endeavor takes me.


Photography Workshops

door-county-workshopI  offer nature photography workshops and a pinhole photography workshop as well. My fellow Wisconsin nature photographer Mike Murray of North Sand Photography co-leads the nature photography workshops with me.  Having two photographers leading the workshops allow Mike and I the opportunity to give students more one-on-one attention.  Mike and I have distinct styles of photography, giving students two unique perspectives on ways to expand their creative photography. Each workshop is a mix of location photography and in-depth photo reviews back at the hotel. The photo reviews are a great way to share photographs and have stimulating group discussions on everyone’s unique vision, making for a motivational and educational experience. Digital photography workshops currently include the Door County workshop in Wisconsin and the Florida Everglades workshop.

Pinhole Photography Workshop

pinhole-photography-workshop-2Pinhole photography is a great way to learn the basics of photography. Participants in the one-day pinhole workshop are provided a pinhole camera, film and film processing. Everyone gets a hands-on experience taking their own photos with a simple pinhole camera. Pinhole photography offers a fresh perspective on viewing the world and creates dramatic images that give photographers a new and interesting way to practice their art.

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